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It seems my 10ish day waterfasts at The LifeCo will become my yearly ritual!
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Prolonged waterfasting is an incredible experience. It allows you to reset your body and mind completely. It’s especially effective at times when you’re exhausted, been overdoing it and putting your health and well-being second. That’s exactly the right occasion to visit one of The LifeCo centres. Such moments make fasting easy for me, as I crave looking after my body and soul even more. It feels like a necessity in order to overcome bad habits and become the best version of myself again. I always return home full of positive energy and boundless power from within. Try it for yourself! It’s easier than you think. Especially when you visit a retreat center in the sun for that purpose with all the support and motivation you receive there.
I think I speak for most women with the following: I like having a busy schedule at home with work and family. I am naturally active, love to evolve, and drive things forward. I feel responsible for many things. It’s who I am and it’s a pleasure. We can truly be the change and positive force within us, and the people we love around us. Nothing is impossible. I soak up energies around me. I care. This also means I need to remain mindful and be selective of what really works for me, think of my downtime, instead of getting overexited and say yes to everything that sounds fab. Listening to your instincts is very important. If something does not feel right, it’s not right, and that’s ok. It’s your time. Use it well for yourself.
I visited Antalya alone, which was a welcome change after the lockdown where Alex and I had been so close on a daily basis. It was nice to fully focus on my health, daily yoga, meditation, pilates and therapies for two weeks next to working in this beautiful setting. I am so grateful that Alex was so supportive of the idea. There is a huge gym and hamam spa there too. Everything is so beautiful and convenient. It was a much needed re-set, re-connect and re-balance.


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Waterfasting will not just repair your body, but also clear your mind. I experience positive changes each time. I make realisations, also about myself. My mind becomes free from things that hold me back and I collect new energies.

Solutions and relevations appear out of the blue. Especially if you take the time to meditate every day. This time I was able to misteriously let something go during a meditation session as early as day three. Something that had bothered and saddened me all year long.

I had another occurance during one of my detox treatments when some stress about one of my contracts suddendly left and I felt light and relaxed again. I still feel this way now. Things are as easy and exciting as they should be again. I achieve more this way and feel greater and happier on the way.

Everythign is about mindset. Any stress you may have experienced magically dissappears. It’s because you needed a break. Your body and mind play together.

I am back in the state I want to be in. Perfectly chilled, patient and empowered, balanced and in control. Ready to take on the world.


For me this place was perfect. I love 5 star comfort. It’s just a very convenient and a non-distracting environment, especially if you’re working on the computer a lot too. The LifeCo is situated in the Akra Hotel in Antalya. My room was big, I had plenty of space and the views were amazing. The grounds bear 4 pools, which are an awesome past-time, gardens and a privat stone beach (comparable to the beach clubs in Capri) which was so peaceful and beautiful. Then of course there is a hair-dresser with beauty treatments, a small shop, and many restaurants, such as the roof top Akris Fish and Grill Restaurant, which I tried the evening before my fast following the pre-fasting guidelines mostly, and a Mexican restaurant with a superbe menu. I tried one of their Avocado Salads on the last evening. There are many Cafés and Lounges too, one of which is on the top floor overlooking the Mediterrean. The LifeCo itself is located on the S-floor with direct access to the sea side. With its raw food bar where you pick up your foods. It’s beautiful and offers many excellent treatments for face and body. I only tried the Hamam Soap Scrub this time and a strong Bali massage for my neck and back, both were absolutely amazing. I have to say I loved my stay immensely. I am so thankful. This was the best gift to myself ever. Thank’s to everyone who supported me and helped to make this happen. I recommend you to travel alone if you need a bit of a break, time to get fit and healthy and time for yourself.


Last time in Phuket I was dizzy and tired a lot and had some really bad days during my water fast. But I just thought this is normal and relaxed and embraced the slow paste. This time was a whole different scenario though. I wanted to make the best out of my stay, also in terms of fitness and taking a fulfilling break in the sun. I had the energy to walk, swim, gym, yoga, pilates and even work-out in my room, almost every day! I am so glad I felt this way. I love feeling alive and active. Plus in the end this beared better results than last time. I came home strong and full of energy continuing with my mainly vegan and raw food diet. I’ve been preparing my new favourite vegan meal almost daily and love it. This continues to shape my body nicely even one week back home. Yes if I work out hard and my muscles ache, I eat fish or meat because I need it for my recovery, but I don’t eat this every day. The after-detox-nutrition consultation with the program manager towards the end of my stay helped me stay on track also at home, and I follow this ‚quick guide for changing your life‘. I try to look at it regularly to stay motivated to maintain this fulfilling lifestyle. It’s really important to keep that balance, no matter how addictive certain foods or habits may be. Keep them to a minimum because you’ll feel and also look so much better. Download the guide for free now and improve your physical, mental and environmental wellness at home. It’s full of easy to follow tips for daily life to do with mindfulness, optimum nutrition and good living.

During the waterfast, up to about 7 days in, I weighted myself every day, and I was about 1kg lighter each morning. Of course  a lot of this was me loosing water. The program manager takes a body composition scan when you arrive. This shows your fat to muscle ratio, your phisical age, and your water (retention). In the end of your stay they make a body analysis again. This way you can see how much fat you really lost and how much water. I was very happy with my result and feel amazing now still. 



The same way as at all The LifeCo centers you can pick your program once you have your consultation with the health coach, or doctor if you’re here for a medical condition. There are chronic desease management programs (liver support, diabetes recovery, high cholesterol, blood pressure reduction), detox programs (such as the green master cleanse which consists of mainly cleansing herbs and green juices, the salad program or the waterfast), well-aging programs, etc.

I met two people who have issues with their stomachs for example and were there to fix this. They followed customized programs.

Healing always has to do with the mind and the body, the thoughts and the food you consume. Waterfasting is known to heal many conditions. It may sound crazy at first, but honestly once you’re keto- adaptive you’re in Ketosis from day one and aren’t hungry. I wasn’t. I had plenty of energy. Ketosis means your body lives from stored fat. Meaning you are totally fine, because your body has enough energy eating all those baby fat cells.

I once felt light-headed and too exhausted and dizzy and turns out it was because my blood sugar was too low (on the waterfast you test your blood daily) so the program manager insited on giving me some lemon juice. Which made me feel normal again.

I practice intermittend fasting at home as much as possible and I don’t eat sugary or processed foods very often. I don’t like their taste and the way they make me feel most times. I think this makes my body more Keto- Adaptive despite my faux-passes at times and despite some of the unhealthy habits I had started in the weeks before traveling to Antalya. Those unhealthy habits luckily magically dissappeared during the fast and haven’t come back and it’s not difficult. It’s easy. The force is with you! Truly! As long as you allow it to be.


I am so happy I had the opportunity to visit The Life Co in Antalya for this waterfast. It’s exacty what i needed after burning my candles on both ends. I needed a proper break for myself. Now I am back home and I am so relaxed and positive, and everything is just utmost beautiful, fun and easy again.

I am also very happy to be back at my preferred weight and feel I can keep it easily. It’s an important factor for me in order to feel my best. I feel strong to continue the routines I learned, also at home, but need to remind myself to continue doing things such as meditation, walks and journalling, the more quiet tasks that I like to wave goodbye as non-important at times and belive I am kind of doing it on the side, before sleeping, whilst driving or during sport. No, it’s not enough. We should follow some of these routines every day. Even if it sounds dull or we find we don’t have time. These are important tasks for our minds. The mind is a muscle and meditation trains it in ways unimaginable. I know this, and still I skip it all the time.

I generally like waking up and have the first hours of the day to myself, letting my thoughts settle and if I have ideas or tasks I want to complete, I dive straight in. It’s like a creative focus time. It’s ideal for me and also meditative in some ways. But this also means I don’t like to follow the same schedule every day. I need to remain flexible. I like scheduling workout sessions with other people to make sure I keep on track with my exersize routines, or do shorter sessions alone on YouTube throughout the day. I love going for walks with Frankie and Alex or try to do healthy and active hobbies  This works pretty well. 

But if you’re active, remind yourself to slow down later in the day and take time for some quiet and mindful tasks, no matter how busy the day gets. Otherwise there is a chance you overexhaust yourself a few weeks in and have no idea why.

It’s important to remain mindful with daily tasks, putting basic needs first, such as sleep, downtime and taking your time preparing fresh foods that make you feel good, consumed in a mindful manner.

Slow down, breath deeply, conduct intermitted fasting, take a minute for yourself in quiet. Visualize, organize, affirm, feel, soak up, meditate, journal.

Ketosis is a natural metabolic state. It involves the body producing ketone bodies out of fat, and using them for energy instead of carbs. The body is now used to draw energy from fat, including your stored fat, whilst maintaining muscle mass. Ketogenic diet is used for the treatment of epilepsy. Research suggests that ketogenic diets might help lower your risk of heart disease. Other studies show specific very-low-carb diets help people with metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes. Researchers are also studying the effects of these diets on acne, cancer, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and nervous system diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Lou Gehrig’s disease.


Download your free Overeating Guide

Appetite and hunger often get mixed up. Let’s start by defining them correctly: While ‘hunger’ refers to our body’s actual need for nutrients and energy, ‘appetite’ simply refers to psychological cravings for food. If we don’t keep our appetite in check, we’re very likely to eat more than our body needs and can handle, which is called overeating. Overeating is increasingly common nowadays, and unfortunately it could lead to a range of diseases both in the short and long terms. Major causes of overeating are emotional eating, wrong food choices, sleep deprivation, and dehydration. 

This free guide will help you overcome overeating behavior, manage your appetite and teach you to distinguish appetite from actual hunger. It includes plenty of useful information about overeating and appetite managementIt and some filling optimal nutrition recipes.
Once you sign up, you’ll get the guide in your email to support you throughout a week long challenge. You’ll get 10% discount from TheLifeco Shop if you sign up too.


Use this free guide to learn useful tips for a healthy life. Improve your physical, mental and environmental wellness. It’s full of easy to follow tips for daily life to do with mindfulness, nutrition and good living.
A week long challenge reaching you a better relationship with food.


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raw vegan ‚cooking‘ class
You can visit workshops during your stay at The Life Co centres, such as the raw vegan cooking class. We prepared a raw lasagne and the raw beetroot ravioli. The recipies are quite simple and involve making cashew ‚cheese‘ with soaked cashews and a blender, slicing raw vegetables and layering many fresh tasty ingredients, and combining them with raw sauces. I love the whole preparation process and the apprecciation for green living foods. I love preparing those dishes at home too now. It’s perfect for taking it slow and enjoying every single ingredient, vegetable, flavour and colour.
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